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Not all elbow pains are Tennis / Golfer’s elbow it could be a condition related to the Pronator teres muscle which is involved in rotational movements at the elbow. We are currently treating an elite racquet sport player diagnosed and being treated as a Golfer’s elbow with no relief. Review diagnosis showed the involvement of the Pronator muscle for which treatment approach is different. Get in touch with our Sports Medicine Physician to know more about sports injuries.
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Shin pain after running? Have you just begun training or are you an advanced runner? Contact our Sports doctor to tackle such problems. Our Sports doctor will evaluate you to find out if it’s a training related injury, misalignment of the lower limb, foot problem or an improper shoe. The Sports doctor will design an individualized exercise prescription to tackle these issues and also prevent such complaints in future.
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Commonest knee pain seen in sports medicine clinic relates to patella-femoral pain syndrome which is because of the knee cap rubbing against the thigh bone. The reasons are the patella movements being disturbed most often due to mechanical inadequacies of the controlling thigh muscle. This condition often affects runners and physically active women. Treatment is based on correct evaluation of the knee muscles followed by a correct set of rehab exercises.
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You can now check your fitness levels and VO 2 max, get your training heart rates at our clinic .Call 011-26495666 or 09870175666 to fix an appointment with our Sports Medicine Doctor.
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Who all can benefit from a VO2 max test • Sportsmen and women- basic first step information of fitness level and then regular follow ups to note improvement • Coaches can get their sportspersons tested and then use their individual heart rate zones to train to improve performance • Junior and senior sportspersons under going elite coaching in racquet sports or field sports • Runners -amateur or professionals training for a marathon or a half marathon or triathlon – to make training effective • Recreational athlete like cyclists who feel they are plateauing in their performance