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SPORTS MEDICINE DOCTOR I DR RANA CHENGAPPA As a Sports medicine specialist I am often asked, Can an arthritis patient or knee affected person go for running? My answer, it depends on the severity of the joint affected and the condition of muscles, for example someone with mild osteoarthritis of the knee with ideal weight can take up a running program where else an overweight person has to first lose weight using an alternative exercise method like swimming or cycling along with a specific strength training program and then begin a running program. There are runners with moderate level arthritis with good muscle strength and correct body weight taking part in long distance running. No one should be denied the activity of running without examining all the issues connected with the activity.Connect with us for more tips- Clinic : Col(Dr) Rana K Chengappa- Sports Medicine & Ortho Rehab
  • 2017-04-15T12:14:45

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